The College offers a wide variety of lifelong learning classes, seminars, certificate and degree programs, and other learning opportunities for students in every facet of life.

The word catalyst comes to us from the world of chemistry, and still conjures images of a scientist working away in a lab, beakers bubbling away, combining materials in hopes of creating something new. The chemist adds a catalyst to the mix to speed up the process - or change it completely, opening up new possibilities.


The College of Extended Studies is many things to many people - a community, an educational institution, a social hub, a place to network - but above all, the College is a catalyst, the ingredient that is added to create change in your life.

The College of Extended Studies is located in the
Extended Studies/Gateway Centers on the SDSU Campus.

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Parking rules and parking map for Gateway Center Users.

Parking: Visitors must purchase a pay machine permit. These permits are only valid in the lot purchased or in other student parking. Pay machines are located in Lot Q, which is the closest lot to the College of the Extended Studies/Gateway Centers. Parking permits are required 24 hours a day, seven days a week in Parking Structure Q. Please make sure you display your parking permit properly. SDSU student decals are not valid in Parking Structure Q. For more information on parking permits, please call (619) 594- 5152.

The San Diego Trolley makes a convenient stop only steps from the Extended Studies Center. Call (619) 233-3004 or go to for more information.







The San Diego State University College of Extended Studies

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