IEEE 2015 Workshops and Tutorials:

Proposals for half-day and full-day tutorials and workshops should be submitted according to the following instructions. A "Tutorial" should give attendees concise introductory information on a specific technical area. A "Workshop" can either be for: (1) experts to share recent results through presentations, or (2) experts leading a discussion that will stimulate a more interactive exploration of a topic. Prospective organizers should describe their expertise in the field, and include: (1) title, (2) a statement of objectives, (3) a list of topics, (4) the intended audience, (5) a list of speakers and a brief list of their accomplishments and experience as it relates to the topic. Topics should either be related to the 26 technical areas of the conference (see the Call for Papers), or in emerging new fields and confluence areas of developing interest, such as the Internet of Things.


These should be submitted through Paper Plaza.

Important Dates:

Proposals for Workshops and Tutorials: 18 May 2015

Acceptance Response for Workshops and Tutorials: 22 June 2015

[Note that speakers must register for the workshop.]


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Conference Program Details

Monday, 14 September 2015


0900-1700: Workshop MoWS (ESC 210) Click Here
"Large-scale Bayesian Data Fusion and Consenesus: Analysis, Algorithms, Actions"
Dr. Nisar R. Ahmed
University of Colorado Boulder

0800-1100: Tutorial 1 - MoAT1 (ESC 209) Click Here
"An Introduction to Track-to-Track Fusion and the Distributed Kalman Filter"
Felix Govaers
Fraunhofer FKIE

1130-1430: Tutorial 2 - MoBT1 (ESC 209) Click Here
"Advances in Statistical Multisource Multitarget Information Fusion"
Ron Mahler
Private Consultant

1500-1800: Tutorial 3 - MoCT1 (ESC 209) Click Here
"Controlled Sensing in Multi-Sensor Sytems"
Niu and Masazade
Ruixin Niu
Virginia Commonwealth University
Engin Masazade
Yeditepe University

0800-1100: Tutorial 4 - MoAT2 (ESC 211) Click Here
"Robust Kalman Filtering"
Florian Pfaff and Benjamin Noack
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Institute for Anthropomatics and Robotics

1130-1430: Tutorial 5 - MoBT2 (ESC 211) Click Here
"Beyond the EKF - Introduction and Application of Advanced Nonlinear Filtering Techniques"
Igor Gilitschenski
ETH Zurich
Autonome Systeme

1500-1800: Tutorial 6 - MoCT2 (ESC 211)

"A Tutorial on Gaussian Processes"
Dr. Yi Da (Richard) Xu
University of Technology, Sydney (UTS), Australia

Tuesday, 15 September 2015


0830-0930: Plenary Talk I (ESC 209-211)
"Dynamic Data Driven Application Systems (DDDAS) and Effective Multisensing"
Dr. Frederica Darema
Air Force Office of Scientific Research

1000-1200: Track TuAT1 (ESC 209)

1000-1200: Track TuAT2 (ESC 211)

1330-1530: Track TuBT1 (ESC 209)

1330-1530: Track TuBT2 (ESC 211)
"Special Sensors"

1600-1800: Track TuCT1 (ESC 209)
"Tracking & Control"

1600-1800: Track TuCT2 (ESC 211)

Wednesday, 16 September 2015


0830-0930: Plenary Talk II (ESC 209-211)
""Always-on" Digital Sixth Sense
Dr. Rajeev Jain
Qualcomm Research

1000-1200: Track WeAT1 (ESC 209)

1000-1200: Track WeAT2 (ESC 211)
"Fusion I"

1330-1530: Track WeBT1 (ESC 209)

1330-1530: Track WeBT2 (ESC 211)
"Fusions II"

1600-1800: Track WeCT1 (ESC 209)

1600-1800: Track WeCT2 (ESC 211)
"Fusion III"

Workshops & Tutorials Chairs:

Uwe Hanebeck, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany


Adrian Stoica, JPL, USA

Workshops & Tutorials